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Your college's efforts to create a distinctive, comprehensive student experience are more meaningful when Merit connects the unique story of every student with the people who care about each one's success.
It means more with Merit.
Your institution invests valuable resources into programs and initiatives that ensure every student's experience on your campus is an impactful one. Merit's platform makes those efforts more meaningful by connecting every student's story to the people and organizations who care most about their success. People like:


Your students hail from hundreds of individual communities. Merit lets your institution connect with influencers in each one — from hometown media to government representatives — and tell them about the meaningful experiences of local students succeeding on your campus.

High Schools

Merit turns your students' experiences into personalized stories that are delivered directly to their high schools, and that feature your brand and message. Showcase your college's distinctive programs to high school influencers through the lens of current students they know.

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Friends & Family

Merit is a direct channel for colleges to reach and engage parents with positive proof points of a student’s success and your college’s role in it — and Merit's social media connections extend that visibility to a wider audience of people who know and care about each student.

Future Employers

By automatically creating a Merit page for each of your students that documents and promotes their success and involvement, your institution gives every student a powerful online presence that demonstrates their success to potential employers, and your college's role in it.

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Meet Annie...

She's taking advantage of the distinctive opportunities you've worked so hard to create on your campus.

She knows what it means to work hard and excel — both in class and beyond.

With Merit, your institution can make sure that the people who care deeply about Annie's success know what it means for her to learn and grow at your institution, too.

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Annie's Community Knows What It Means

When Annie made the dean's list last semester, Merit notified her state representative — the same legislator who makes decisions about important financial aid programs Annie benefits from.

Annie's name and college frequently appear in her hometown newspaper — announcing her selection to the field hockey team, her research presentation at a symposium, and her acceptance into the Honors College — all because Merit automatically notifies the newspaper about her success.

Merit provides me timely information that we use at our paper every day. It makes our life easy at the newspaper and families are thrilled to see their child in the paper.
Delaware County Daily Times
Daily times
If you're an elected official and you're not using Merit, you are missing an awesome tool to congratulate students in your district on a job well done.
Jimmy Higdon
Kentucky State Senator
Jimmy higdon photo
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Annie's High School Knows What It Means

Annie's high school guidance counselor and principal were key influencers in her college choice. Now they can see how it's working out for Annie, because they receive updates from your college via Merit about Annie's academic and extracurricular successes as they happen.

When they're making college recommendations to younger students, Annie's experience — and your institution — are top-of-mind.

Cedarburg tweet
Jeff nelson
Jeff Nelson, Principal
We're thrilled to receive Merit updates about our alumni. Having the ability to follow and promote the accomplishments of our students is invaluable. It further demonstrates our school's role in the accomplishments of our current students and alumni.
Glenn Haven, Principal
Glenn haven
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Annie's Family & Friends Know What It Means

Every accomplishment is an important milestone for Annie's family to celebrate. Merit lets your college create personal, meaningful touch points with her family centered on Annie's involvement and achievement.

When Annie and her parents share her experience on social networks and beyond, they link everyone who's connected to Annie with proof of her success — and the opportunity to learn more about how your institution is making it possible.  

Merit allows some of our most rabid fans — parents of current students — to not only spread the good word about their student, but also about the great things happening at Carleton College.
Eric sieger
Eric Sieger
Director of Media Relations
Facebook anecdote
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Annie's Future Employers Know What It Means

By using Merit to keep Annie's family, friends, high school, and community up-to-date on her success, your college is also automatically building an online profile for Annie — a Merit page — that verifies and documents her accomplishments.

Other organizations can contribute to Annie's page and become part of the Merit network to verify, see, and share student success.

Annie's Merit page tells the story of her college experience and is a valuable resource for her to share with potential employers — and one that she didn't have to create or maintain on her own.

Merit is a great way of letting other Phi Kappa Phi members — and potential employers — know what makes you stand out! I'm glad I get to share my activities and interests with other members so easily.
Allison epstein
Allison Epstein, Student
Merit has enabled us to highlight the incredible academic accomplishments of our students, and it works to highlight the value of a BJU education to family and friends. It's also a value-added online resume asset for students as they seek employment.
Dr. Gary Weier, Provost and EVP
Gary weier
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Learn how your institution can connect every student's experience with the people who care most about their success. Make your efforts more meaningful with Merit.

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